iO2 V3.6 CatSim universal oxygen sensor simulator


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The newest version, software revised December 2018. This is the smartest O2 sensor simulator you will find, the only solution. Now V3.6 with improved performance. Renamed the CatSim for a reason! This is not a simple Simulator, this is a programmed unit to read the rear o2 sensor voltage and output a conditioned voltage to allow the engine computer to pass all testing related to catalysts, the io2V3.6 CatSim is a very powerful unit for off road/track use only. Used for testing, off road/track use with cat delete or sport cat designs.

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    hi i just wanted to ask if this to eliminate cel from lexus is300.
    do i require 2 for each removed converter ?
    also do u just splice into the existing o2 sensor ?

    please contact me back thanks.

    • :

      Hi Mark
      I am not sure if anyone got back to you. the io2 will work on the is300 no problem. you will require one for each rear o2 sensor and yes they splice in. you can find general instructions on our support page and we can also provide you custom diagrams if needed.

      you can also find us on facebook, twitter

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